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Money Making Method #4 Push Free Offers

on Mon Mar 26, 2018 3:47 pm
If none of the other methods are working for you or you just simply aren't seeing results then this is something I recommend trying. I don't recommend this for expert affiliate marketers because the experts already know the value of building an email list so they are probably already squeezing all of the emails out of their traffic that they can, but if you aren't there yet then this is for you. Whats The Method?

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If you aren't seeing any profit, if you aren't closing any sales, if you just cant figure it all out then this could be your solution. Promoting offers that pay you per email entry is easy, the end user doesn't have to buy anything or put in any personal information in and you still get paid. Now the downside is that you only get about $1 per person you convince to enter their email, which you will find that if you got the person to enter their email on your mailing list then it might be worth more in the long run.
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