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Bitcoin Betting Methods

on Tue Mar 27, 2018 12:59 pm
If you are a part of the crypto community then you probably know that betting is a big thing that people are into, one of my favorite betting sites is to gamble on is Bitsler Click here to sign up . Simply because you can literately print free money on there, My total net on Bitsler is actually negative but I lost most of that money when bitcoin was worth next to nothing and won a lot of it back when it was worth like 15k so I have made my money off of Bitsler, and I want to share my methods. My favorite method that I have ever used is the 9's method. you do a 9.99 payout 99 limited rolls increase by 19.99% on loss and return to base bet on win. If you run this method 10 or 11 times you will probably double your money if you don't bust but that's the game we play.
TIP: Bitsler also has a very lucrative affiliate program if you are interested in becoming an affiliate over there.
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