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What Is Affiliate Marketing and How Can You Make Money Doing It?

on Tue Mar 27, 2018 1:20 pm
Affiliate marketing as a concept is fairly simple to understand, You sell a product for someone and you get a % of the profit. Now that Is super powerful in our generation because with the power of the internet and social media we can expose those products to thousands and even millions of people for free.
All you have to do to become a successful affiliate marketer is grow an audience In a certain "niche" and pitch "niche related" products to that audience and that sounds super simple but a lot of people struggle with it.
You almost have to think about it like this, You aren't going to make a penny in the first month, and you probably won't make much in the second month or the third month but if you have been posting quality content about one niche, category of products or hobby for 3 months using the proper methods which can be found on these forums. Then you will build a following. And all you need is a following, once you have that then you are unstoppable you can re-market 1000 different products the same audience and make sales every single time.
Now the way you find these products to promote is by joining an affiliate network which we have a whole category about on the home page. But my recommended Affiliate network Is Max Bounty because they have thousands of offers to promote and automatic link tracking built in so you don't have to do any work.
I recommend having a Facebook page, Instagram page, twitter page, and Youtube Channel, all linked together and all about the same topic, Ex: Bird houses, then you post affiliate links to birdhouses for sale, And I can't stress enough the importance of having quality content on your social media along with affiliate offers.
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