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The Importance of Quality Content on Social Media

on Tue Mar 27, 2018 1:30 pm
Social media is a huge opportunity for this generation weather people realize it now or not it is true. Social media gives you access to an unlimited number of people's attention, and any good marketer knows that getting someone's attention already half of the sale.
With that being said I need to stress how Important it is that you post quality content on your social media accounts. If you have quality information and useful videos then people will come back for more, or they will subscribe, or follow you.
People are only going to stick around if you are doing something for them and as a creator it is your job to entertain them, inform them, or be useful to them in some way, and if you're doing that then people will keep coming back.
Growing an audience that comes back is STEP #1 in marketing, You should not make A SINGLE DOLLAR until you have a quality audience, You should not be thinking about making your first dollar yet until you have a quality, responsive, and active audience.
THEN AND ONLY THEN you start selling, If you have a Youtube Channel With 10,000 subscriber that are real and love your videos and then you pitch them useful product in that niche how many of them do you think would buy it? Now let me turn the table on all of you want to be affiliate marketers real quick, how many people do you think will buy a product from someone with 7 followers because he posted a useless affiliate link to a probably bad product for the 37th time this week? Nobody! The First Option Always wins.
Good Luck Out there thanks for reading! Feel free to discuss below what you agree and disagree with me on, I love to argue especially with the smart ones!
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