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My Thoughts On Cryptos

on Mon Mar 26, 2018 3:25 pm
In my opinion cryptos are the future of currencies, that is the niche that I have made most of my affiliate marketing money and I have been a miner since 2014 so I have obviously seen profit from that.Tthe only problem that I have with cryptos is that I think we live in a too underdeveloped world for crypto's to reach their full potential, and right now the crypto community is riddled with scams because it was unregulated for so long. My opinion is that you should invest in cryptos, with discrepancies, Do all of your research on a coin, make sure it has real world value, make sure it has a real team behind it, and make sure that it is something you would put your name on, because in a micro way that is what you're doing when you buy into a currency is staking your name on the reputation of the company. Other Member can but I will not mention the coins that I am invested in as it would benefit me if you guys all bought them. Thanks, Nolanseh
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